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 Clear Aligners are powerful tools in the right hands; teeth straightening (orthodontics) is a dental speciality requiring deep knowledge and experience. 

32S is leading the way in a new movement taking orthodontics seriously, bringing dentists and specialist orthodontists together for exceptional outcomes 

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How do Clear Aligners work?

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Clear aligners are custom made orthodontic appliances designed and prescribed by your treating dentist.

They work in a similar way to other orthodontic appliances, including fixed braces, in that they apply small but deliberate forces to the teeth to move them safely into alignment.

Clear Aligners are designed by the prescribing dentists in collaboration with their chosen manufacturer.


Good design requires skill, poor design can result in horrifying outcomes. 

Clear Aligners are made by uploading a 3D virtual model of your mouth into a manufacturer’s system.


A software technician uses detailed clinical instructions from your dentist to manipulate the model and move teeth virtually into alignment.

The prescribing dentist must have orthodontic expertise to prescribe and review the design. 

(They should not rely on the technician, 'the system’ or ‘algorithms’!)

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How are they made?

*Companies don't usually tell patients this..

Does the 'brand' make a difference?

All Clear Aligner manufacturers make Clear Aligners using the same process, described above. While the software and plastics used may vary, all reputable companies will produce high-quality aligners capable of achieving planned tooth movements. 
The two most important parties are: 

The prescribing dentist, as they will determine the movements programmed into the aligners based on their patient and their knowledge of orthodontics

The patient, as they must wear their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day!

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The dentists and orthodontists at 32S believe that Clear Aligner orthodontics is both an art and a science.

It certainly isn’t easy. 

In recent times, we believe that there has been an

over-reliance on ‘brands’ in controlling the orthodontic design (the technician, the ‘system’ or the ‘algorithm’).

In our opinion (and the UK General Dental Council’s!), this is a recipe for disaster. 

32S is the only company where dentists have the option of working collaboratively with a Specialist Orthodontist on your case, so that they take full control over the orthodontic design of the Clear Aligners. This makes it more effective, more reliable and safer.

Specialist Orthodontists are dentists who have done at least 3 years of extra training in tooth movement; 32S only works with Specialists who are also experts in Clear Aligners. 

Why is 32S different?

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